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BULLION BLURB - America and Europe wait to see what gold will do next

The continued uncertainty with American and European politics has provided us with an eventful roller coaster ride for gold. Fluctuating at the drop of a hat, most of us are sitting here wondering what the next announcement will be and what gold will do as a result.

We saw the price drop substantially this morning – currently (-$11) at the time this was written – as someone or something unloaded over 18,000 futures contracts. Keep it in the back of your mind as we will have to wait and see what lasting effects this plays for the direction of gold and how it will recover.

With the unknown surrounding the healthcare and the tax reform bills, it’s now smarter than ever to hedge our bets. Staying active and following closely will keep you informed and educated on the situation as it evolves.

In the last three weeks here at HCC, we have experienced a lackluster demand for gold. Whereas silver is flying out the door. This doesn’t mean only buy silver, or only buy gold, just know where each stands and decide what is in your best interests. But before jumping into the ring and dishing out your hard-earned cash for the almighty bullion, educate yourself. We can help you and ensure you are making an educated, thoughtful decision on what’s next.

Submitted by Howard Cook

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