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BULLION BLURB - Comstock Lode - Part 2: "The Mint"

It’s 1866 and construction has only just begun on what will soon be the Carson City Mint operation. Finally completed in 1869, minting operations officially commenced on February 11, 1870 as the first 11,758 Seated Liberty Dollars with the “CC” mark were coined.

Denominations from dimes up to $20 gold coins (Double Eagles) were struck. For “political reasons” President Grover Cleveland stopped the operation in 1885.

The newly-elected Democrat fired the Pro-Republican mint employees and shut down the mint …we can all relate with this tactic in our political climate as of late.

Minting operations remained halted until 1889 when Republican Benjamin Harrison was elected and funds allocated to reopen the mint in October of that year. The mint remained operational until spring 1893, then was occupied beginning in 1895 as the U.S. Assay Office, and finally closed its doors for good in 1933.

The State of Nevada purchased the building from the federal government in 1939, and today the building houses the Nevada State Museum. Check it out if you’re ever in the Lake Tahoe area.

Check back in for the final installment about Carson City where we will discuss the impact this minting operation had on the numismatic industry.

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