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BULLION BLURB - “Shh…we have a secret…”

No one is paying attention to silver or gold…it’s always the best time to buy and diversify when no one is paying attention.

Some could argue, “it’s for good reason.” But, we couldn’t disagree more. Silver has resisted the drop below the $14 threshold for weeks and gold has essentially done the same with the $1,200 level. All the while, the stock market continues to roar. How much longer can it keep this up? We smell a great buying opportunity.

Low premiums are found on silver and gold across the board and this will remain true being cemented at these prices.

Historical data shows that the stock market makes money in seven out of every 10 years. That’s pretty good. But, what happens during the other three years? Are you and your portfolio ready for those years? We have been on an upswing for going on eight years now and I don’t need to point out the obvious – I’ll let you put two and two together.

So, whatever your investment goals are, remember, we recommend 5% to 15% of your investable money to be in physical bullion, regardless of your flavor of choice. Put your hand – and gold and silver – in the cookie jar while no one is looking and you just might like what you find in the months and years to come.

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