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Tuesday Gold Special 4/23/19

Tuesday Gold Special 4/23/19

We have watched gold and silver just meander these past couple years. Rarely do I suggest a time to buy or sell the precious metals because I generally feel it is something you should just accumulate for a rainy day. For some reason I am getting the feeling that we are getting closer to the storm. Not this year yet, but certainly by 2022 something will create either a descent bump or outright need to have something other than dollars. My hope is that it is a nice jump in gold and silver that we can sell into. But if it is not… be prepared. Call about silver. Below is some gold we have recently purchased and is available to you at drop dead great prices. Call Angela or myself if interested at 1.800.422.4405 ( or

Prices are based on spot Gold @ $1275.00

  • 16 -  1 oz. Gold American Eagles 1997 @ Spot + $32 = $1307.00 ea.
  • 2 - 1 oz. Perth Mint Gold Bars @ Spot + $15 = $1290.00 ea.
  • 80 - 2012 British Sovereigns .2354 ASW @ Melt + $5 = $305.00 ea.
  • 18 - $20 St. Gaudens MS63 NGC .9675 ASW @ $1233 + $82 = $1315.00 ea.

The premiums over melt for all of these good trade items are exceeding small. As gold heats up, historically the premiums increase at both ends, when you sell and buy. Prices change with the price of gold – up or down.

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