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HCC, Inc. is a full-service coin company. Well actually, we are so much more than that. That said, we do buy and sell coin collections as often as we possibly can.


But, how are we “more than a full-service coin company” you ask? It all starts with our story. A story of passion, dedication and a constant effort to do right by our clients – individuals, banks and all other interactions we have encountered along the way.

The HCC story takes us back to 1984 when Howard C. Cook, Jr. first entered the coin industry as an Investment-Grade Coin Salesman. We didn’t know it then, but this is when HCC, Inc. was first conceptualized.

It wasn’t until 1991 when HCC, Inc. finally came to fruition. Howard, a consummate salesman and entrepreneur was finally ready to embark on his own journey and determined to become the finest coin dealer in the Midwest. Hard to do working for somebody else. For almost three decades, HCC has been committed to customer satisfaction stemming from clear communication, integrity, fairness and trust.

Headquartered in Northwest Ohio, we pride ourselves on our impressive professional team, including two numismatists with over 50 years of combined professional numismatic experience. Despite being headquartered in the suburbs of Toledo, our reach goes well beyond our northwestern corner of Ohio. Since 1995, we have partnered with financial institutions to provide their customers and local communities with free appraisals services in the comfort of their own bank branches.

With 50 banks across 10 states, we are frequently on the road offering free collection appraisal events at the nearly 800 communities these banks serve. In case you were curious, states we visit and serve are Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia, New York, Illinois, Maryland, Tennessee and Virginia.

As we come close to our 32nd birthday, we can directly attribute our success and sustainability to the way all team members treat people combined with a real honest attempt to be fair in all of our dealing with them. HCC has built an unmatched reputation for honesty and integrity through the network of banks and the relationships we have with them and their communities.


Over the years, we have earned several distinctions, designations, credentials (or whatever you’d like to call them). Here is a quick snapshot of HCC merits and memberships:

Howard C. Cook, Jr.

Howard C. Cook, Jr.: President

Travis J. George

Travis J. George: Numismatist

Angela L. Mocniak

Office Manager
Angela L. Mocniak: Office Manager

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