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BULLION BLURB - Why buy physical gold and silver?

Here at HCC we have compiled several reasons why you or someone you know may consider acquiring physical gold or silver bullion:

1.       It’s super cool.

2.       It’s allows each one of us to revert back to our childhood and re-live our pirate and treasurer hunting fantasy discovering buried treasure.

3.       It’s a hedge investment and provides balance – don’t you think it’s important to not have all your eggs in one basket? Obviously, we do…

4.       An ounce of gold or silver has the same value all over the world – so, it’s tradeable no matter where you are across the globe.

5.       Did we mention the childhood treasure hunting fantasy fulfillment?!

6.       These precious metals provide us with an opportunity to pass on something of intrinsic value to the next generation – which can also mean you are passing on wealth to your family’s future generations.

These are only some, but certainly important reasons why someone – like yourself – may want to consider buying physical gold or silver. So, c’mon, be awesome and call us today.

Submitted by Andy Fox

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