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BULLION BLURB - Bullion has DNA? Yes they least in Canada

The Royal Canadian Mint established an authentication system to verify whether a gold or silver maple leaf has been registered with the mint. It’s known as their Bullion DNA. Every gold Maple Leaf dated 2014 or later and every silver Maple Leaf dated 2015 or later has this technology engraved on it.

They are micro-engraved with an anti-counterfeiting security mark. And wouldn’t you guess it, it’s a maple leaf with its production year.

Why does this matter?

Well, as investors, you can be assured that the bullion is legitimate and registered with the Royal Canadian Mint. Therefore, giving you the comfort of knowing its true authenticity. Additionally, the Mint has taken steps to ensure that only registered dealers are authorized to verify these markings as well.

Did you know that HCC is one of three, count them…one, two, three dealers in the state of Ohio that is an Authorized Bullion DNA Dealer with the Royal Canadian Mint. And just for reference, there is only one in our neighbor to the north and only one in our neighbor to the west. That’s small and elite company!

So, should you be interested in expanding on your bullion investments and think that the Canadian Maple Leafs are the way to go, just let us know and we can talk about their unique denomination program – from 1 gram coins to 100oz bars and in between. 

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