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The New Year brings gold and silver roaring in at higher levels..

The new year brings gold and silver roaring in at higher levels. Gold is up almost $200 per ounce since November of 2022 but is still below its’ highs. Silver, up $3.00+ is following the same trend while Platinum seems to be wandering, trying to find its’ purpose. At HCC we have been pretty high on Platinum for the past few years and still look at it as a stabilizing play but feel that for now anyway the future is brighter for gold and silver.

In 2022 we as dealers and I am sure the investing public has had a little trouble getting use to the volatility of precious metals. Gold use to move a few dollars a day, if that, while now $30 swings are not out of the ordinary. Percentage wise, the same is true for silver. Fortunately, we are adjusting to the changing times and not feeling panic. Don’t be shy at these levels, especially with the crypto world in flux.

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