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Update on the International movement of gold and silver

The Central Banks, China and India are in the accumulation of gold and silver mode. These rather stagnant price levels for both metals that we have been in are apparently comfort levels for accumulation. Additionally, there are strong feelings for substantial upside.

The Chinese Government and the Central Banks are concentrating on Gold, while the people of India and China are accumulating silver at a ravenous rate.

Speaking for HCC, other than a brief period of time from December 15th to about the second week in January we have sold more of both metals than in any time in our almost 32 years in business.

I stand by my earlier statements in January, we are going to be looking at a steady, positive growth market for both gold and silver. Don’t miss it, spend a little or a lot, but don’t miss it. The premiums for both metals have returned to normalcy except for Silver Eagles. But then these current premiums for the Eagles just may be the new normal.

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