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Collection by Courier

If you are not local to the Midwest, or cannot make an appraisal event, we have a solution for you – our “Collection by Courier” or mail-in service. It's just another way you can receive a free collection appraisal.

Collection by Courier @ Howard Cook Coins

Watch this video (Click Here) and read on about this service.

Our C x C service was conceptualized out of the need of our customers who trust us but were unable to visit us locally, weren’t able to attend an event or are not located in an area we serve currently. This is a way for you to package and ship us your collection at no cost to you. We will cover the shipping and insurance costs. 

Upon arrival, we go to great lengths to document everything so you can be assured that we see and are documenting everything you have sent us. We use methods like video and photography while opening your package to ensure the trust you have displayed in us just by sending us your collection. After documenting the items we remove from your package, we will begin our evaluation process. We will organize and write a detailed catalog of your entire collection and give it a value. 

Once our evaluation is complete, we will contact you and make you an offer for what we are willing to purchase your collection for on that day. Due to the volatility of the marketplace, we cannot guarantee that after time passes that it won’t change. 

Should you accept our offer, we will draft a check and mail it back to you along with the written appraisal for your records. However, if you decide that you would prefer to keep the collection, then we will have to charge you shipping to send the collection back to you. We cover the initial as a service, sending it back after time and money spent is not our goal with this program.

So, what do you NEED to do to utilize our C x C services? Great question and here it is:

  1. DO NOT CLEAN YOUR COINS – I repeat, do not clean your coins. This devalues them immediately which is the exact opposite of what you want to do.
  2. Take some time and seriously think about whether or not you want to sell your collection. Talk with those people close to you who may also need to be a part of the decision making process. 

Now that you have determined you do want to sell… 

  1. Catalog your collection. Or at the minimum gain some idea of exactly what you have. If you inherited it, you may not have a clue. Go through, jot some things down and become familiar with it. 
  2. Contact us and let us know you want to send us your collection by courier. We will ask you some probing questions to determine what is in the collection, if it is worth sending to us and an approximate value to give it for insurance reasons.
  3. Check your email or mailbox for the shipping label we send you.
  4. Pack your collection in an appropriate sized box under the proper weight limit, slap the label on it and get it in the mail. The rest is on us and we will contact you the moment it arrives.

While chatting with us on the phone, we may recommend some additional things you should do to ensure its safe packing and travels to Ohio. But, we will walk you through every step of the way. Your satisfaction is our number one goal with our “Collection by Courier” service.

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