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BULLION BLURB - An 'American Eagle' Story

One of the most stunning and revered coins produced by the US Mint, the American Silver Eagle is only 31 years old and is struck in three different ways; bullion, proof and uncirculated. The difference you ask?

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BULLION BLURB - 100 Year Before HCC

Most of you are aware that HCC was started 27 years in 1991. If you did not know that, well, now you do. And, 100 years prior to the birth of HCC was the birth of an organization who changed the numismatics industry forever.

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BULLION BLURB - Comstock Lode - Part 2: "The Mint"

It’s 1866 and construction has only just begun on what will soon be the Carson City Mint operation. Finally completed in 1869, minting operations officially commenced on February 11, 1870 as the first 11,758 Seated Liberty Dollars with the “CC” mark were coined.

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