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December 2016

November 2015

You Have Rights

My name is Howard Cook and am a proud member of the Professional Numismatists Guild and also a member under their Accredited Precious Metals Dealer Program. Please take a minute to go to their website at and see exactly what this means. Additionally I have been a full time numismatist since 1984, started HCC Rare Coins in 1991 and was accepted as a PNG Dealer in 1998. This organization was established in 1954 and in all of these 61 years has had less than 750 members worldwide. In fact since my induction there have been fewer than 200 new members accepted. I happen to be member #563. There are currently 311 members wordwide. I am 1 of only 4 currently in the state of Ohio with only 2 of the others operating an actual storefront business. this is a big deal for me, but is a bigger deal for you. Because by becoming a member I have promised to practice under a strict code of ethics. You may review them on their website.

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July 2014

June 2014

What Determines a Coin's Value

While there are many determinants, the chief elements are precious metal content, rarity and the quality of the individual coin. It’s no secret that some coins were produced in the hundreds of millions, making them somewhat less valuable, even if very interesting from a historical perspective. So rarity is important.

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How Grading Works

Determining the value of a specific coin used to be a lot more subjective before the mid-1980s when the two grading services—NGC and PCGS--came on stream. Today, these internationally recognized services will grade specific coins on behalf of the owner or established coin management firms like HCC.Coins are graded on a scale from 1 to 70, with higher numbers represented the highest quality examples. Nearly all coins have some degree of flaws in their surface appearance and it is the number of those “imperfections” that establish the grading number. It is important to note that coins are made by dies which will begin to show signs of wear after several thousand coins are produced. To put this in perspective, the first few thousand (or more) coins minted will have sharper detail than the one millionth coin. And sharper detail offers more value.

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Expansive HCC Offerings

Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean we don’t have it. HCC is a full service rare coin management service with a huge, ever-changing inventory of exceptional graded rare coins, gold and silver bullion and mint proof sets as well as more common “stick in the book” varieties of coins for younger collectors.

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